Wednesday, May 2, 2018

Marvel Movies

What's up people !

Ok since the movie Avengers : Infinity War is on cinema right now, I was thinking like what's all the hype ? Mind you that I've never seen any Marvel movies in my entire life before this. Well, I did watched spiderman when I was little (way back in 2002), but does that include in Marvel movies ? Idk man. I'm just not that fanatic to know much *loser alert*.

Anyways, the thing is I've been on twitter these past few days and everyone is like talking about the infinity wars. I mean like I've never really care before this when any of the marvel movies came out but idk. Kalini macam lain. It's like there's a magnet pulling me to watch it. And since right now is my midterm break (free from dentistry for a while), so why not kan if I buat marathon movie huhu.

So, I kinda ask help from my friend who is sooooo fanatic pasal avengers. But before tu I google dulu. Ok so avengers ada 3 movies *what a dumbass*. Ye lah sebab I google avengers je memang lah keluar 3 movies je. So, I cakap dengan my friend ni, "weh avengers ada 3 movies ni je kan. Aku semacam tertarik nak tengok tiba-tiba". And then he was like "weh tak lah ada 18 *laughs at me*" :( so he gave me a list of the movies and I'm like woahhhhhh dah 18 ke siot. Kenapa aku baru nak tengok *laughs at myself*.

*click to enlarge*

So here are the 18 movies my friends been talking about. Tapi kalau include Avengers: Infinity War it would be 19 lah. So right now, I'm on a movie marathon and I'm at the 12th movie which is Ant Man. Setiap kali habis tengok each movies, I was like woah man why didn't I have any interest in these movies before ? I mean like the first one is Iron Man and it was released like 10 years ago kot ? When I was in standard 6 (2008). And I only watch it now. Bapak loser do Yanie.

Anyways, since I'm into it now, gotta watch it till the end i guess ? The night I started watching it, my friends was like "you finally broke your marvel virginity" and I'm like LOL at that so hard. It's not too late to start now I guess ?

What's your Marvel experience like ?