Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Something about him made me feel...

"What benefit does he give you if its something He doesnt like?" 
Those words hit me so hard that I fall right onto my nose for it. Its true though. Ive been quite "astray" (?) this whole while because of him. Well tak ada lah sangat pun. But really lah, he did actually distract me a little (read: a lot). I know what I've been doing all this while is something that I shouldnt be proud of let alone be happy about it, but I cant help myself. He made me feel like I'm on cloud nine ever since I met him though I knew its not a good thing cause its not 'halal'. Thats why Allah take it from me. Allah loves me :)

"Mungkin Allah hilangkan dia sebab kau dah terlalu sayang sangat kat dia more than you should"

Everything happens for a reason. Its not even the right time. You're only 20, Izzyani. Too young for such love. If he really is meant for you, he'll come back eventually. If he doesnt then you do know that Allah's plan is the greatest plan of all kan ? Something better awaits you, Izzyani.

"Please dont do this. I love you"

"There are teenage girls everywhere being thought that this is love.Love is not putting your partner's satisfaction before your own safety. Love is not jealousy dressed as protection. We are thought to swallow our protest in exchange for his apology. When my friends asked me why I stayed so long, why I accepted the roses and ignored the thorns ? I tell them, it is not easy to weed out the roots he planted in me. I tell them I was so captivated by the house he built for me. I didnt notice the locked door. I didnt noticed I was captive to this garden of guilt. I tell them I tried leaving, BECAUSE OF YOU"

24 awak, 4 more years and I lowkey still hoping you're the one. If you're not, then He'll show me eventually :)

Till then

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